Submission Guidelines

We welcome articles (unpublished and not submitted elsewhere) ranging from 1000 to 7000 words in length on all aspects of world literature, including the interplay of literature and other media as well as issues of translation and reception. Any approach is welcome as long as the text is not overburdened by jargon. Imagine a well-read friend who is not a literary scholar as your ideal reader. Will she understand the word “metaphor”? Sure. Will she understand the word “heterodiegetic”? Perhaps not. Do you need to use it? If you don’t, please don’t. If you do, please explain what it means. Please keep that imaginary friend in mind: we seek articles which grab her interest from the start and keep it.

Please follow MLA style. If you need to use endnotes (do you really?), do so sparingly. Please do not use footnotes. Presently, submissions are only accepted in English. If you are not sure if your article fits the journal’s profile, just email us. The submission must be anonymized; no references to your person must appear in the text. While the first person singular is welcome in our publication, please use the third person if you need to refer to your own articles; this can be changed after acceptance. You are welcome to choose an informal title, provided the subtitle clearly signals the paper’s content.

Update: to repeat — we’re looking for articles that a general reader might enjoy. Conventional academic style is not quite what we seek. Thank you!

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